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Have you heard about multi-generational homes yet? Let us fill you in. This concept is one that is already taking place in other parts of the country where the cost of living is incredibly high. It is our prediction that families will start moving in this direction in the future. It is a beautiful marriage of giving independence to aging individuals while still being close and able to offer help when needed. Our first multi-generational customers have an incredibly story that we are so excited to share!

We are proud to introduce to you Phillip & Judy Blunt. Phillip is a retired Senior Master Sergeant and served 26 years in the United States Air Force, both in the states and abroad. Phillip & Judy have been married for 45 years. After retiring from the Air Force, Phillip & Judy lived in Arkansas for a number of years where they managed a llama and deer ranch. After that, they made the move to Montrose, Colorado where they quickly became settled and comfortable. When Phillip was diagnosed with MS it brought about some very serious conversations and eventually united the Blunt’s with their children again in Lubbock.

The building of this multi-generational home has been 7 years in the making. Knowing the health and physical concerns that Philip and Judy would be facing, their family began thinking outside the box for creative solutions. A multi-generational home seemed to be the best fit, however, they ran into several problems. Between the cost of making adaptions to existing properties to make them functional and the lack of available properties, they were at a loss. They quickly realized that they would need to look into building something specific for their needs.
After their daughter, Denise, started doing research on multi-generational homes, contact was made with Addison Homes. Here is what they had to say. 

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“We explored several possibilities, however the traditional market did not present options for this special situation. We knew individual living space was essential for making this work. In honest conversation we acknowledged that Phil enjoyed having his 24/7 news channel playing on the television and that young kids bring a lot of energy! We wanted a place of harmony and to avoid bumping heads over differences.
Our oldest daughter, Denise, began to explore multi-generational home designs. Without coincidence, she came into contact with James Jordan of Addison Homes. They met to explore the idea of building a home to suit our family needs. It was very obvious he could see the present and future possibility of a multi-generational home and shared the vision our family was nurturing.

The home design features separate living spaces with private entrances, full kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms. They are connected by a common hall with laundry facilities. It’s so much more than you’re typical “mother-in-law” suit.

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Our living space features pocket doors for Phil to have easier access with the wheelchair. Special support was built into the design for hand bars and shower safety. It gives our hearts great peace and joy to know we will never be transitioning to a nursing home. After serving 26 years in the military, living as nomads – it’s very satisfying for us to all be together again. Understandably this arrangement isn’t for everyone. But for us, it’s certainly the right thing, at the right time with the right people! We are thankful to God and the Addison Homes team that has brought this dream to life.”

Our team truly feels honored to not only be able to build a home that meets this families needs, but to have the opportunity to build a home for a veteran. Judy goes on to say, “My husband’s condition has progressed to him being in an electric wheelchair, so we also needed the skilled input of someone who could accommodate adaptions. James and his team have brought exceptional insight to the design features of our home. Bridging the present needs with long-term use is an invaluable contribution to this timeless investment.” 

If you would like to learn more about multi-generational homes and how we can help meet the needs of your family, call us at 806-977-9045. We would be honored to work with you and help build your story.


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