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All PostsThe Suggs used to live across town and wanted to sell their home and move to a better neighborhood on the south side of town. They came to Valencia looking at houses and ran into a guy that had a little boy with him. It was James Jordan.

Mr. Suggs and James got to talking about the homes the Addison Homes team was building. James walked Mr. Suggs over to take a look at an available home in Valencia.

The Suggs family put their home up for sale by owner and sold it about two weeks later. Not a day later, the Suggs called James and said “we’re going to do the house” and that’s how the relationship was built.

Mr. and Mrs. Suggs enjoyed picking their colors, floors, counters, and everything between, allowing them to add their personal touches throughout the home. The Suggs favorite part about building with Addison Homes is that James lives right behind them and they can knock on his door if they should ever need anything. Working with families like the Suggs are why we love what we do at Addison Homes!

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“At Addison Homes we want to make genuine connections with people, create long standing relationships and earn our customer’s business.”

James Jordan - Addison Homes Founder



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